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Mirrors! Mirrors!! Mirrors!!!

Any kind of mirror you can think of, we can do it!

Gym Mirrors.png

Wall to Wall Mirrors

  • Make any room appear larger/add depth

  • Have your own personal gym

  • Dance studios

  • Add excitement to your home

Our installation techniques ensure fluidity with images moving across the room.  The quality mark of perfect wall-to-wall mirrors, is that your image will never appear distorted along the seams between mirror panels.

Bathroom Mirrors With 1 Inch Bevels.JPG

Beveled Mirrors

  • Bevels are the most popular mirror edging

  • Slope-polished on the outer edges

  • Add elegance

  • Reflect light from different angles

Double V-Groove Mirrors

These add a unique finish to any bathroom or wall.

Framed Mirror

Custom Framed Mirrors

We can help you get the frame you want from our custom frameworker affiliates and have any type of mirror installed inside of it.  Wall installations are just another one of our specialties.

Floating Mirrors

Floating mirrors are custom-built to stand out from a wall, typically in a bathroom where there are walls on both left and right side of where the mirror will be placed.  The face of the mirror is the only thing that shows, usually standing or "floating" out somewhere between 1" to 2 1/2" from the back wall.  If you desire lighting to come out from behind any sides of the mirror, an electrician will need to be hired to install the light panels before the mirror and back panels can be measured for fabrication. The backing of the mirror will be customized to fit between the panels and the mirror will be measured larger.

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