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Customize Your Bathroom Shower Enclosure 

Legendary Glass will custom make your glass shower to the precise measurements you need. We are unlike any of the hardware stores or online retailers, in that we don't have a one box fits all approach.  We hand-pick quality materials that are built to last.  We find the best-of-class of all glass manufacturers and hardware suppliers and combine parts and styles, to offer you the highest quality options available at the most affordable prices. 

Custom Glass Showers: Any Style You Want


Frameless glass showers are highly desired for updated bathroom styles. They add simple refinement to the shower and look super-clean. By comparison to framed shower glass, a frameless shower uses thicker glass, between 3/8” -1/2”.  This helps to sturdy the glass shower structure. Because the glass is thicker and heavier, they require super precise measuring and professional installation. Special metal hinges support the glass door and allow it to swing both inward and outward. Additional metal clips connect the glass panels to tile, masonry or other glass panels.  The quality of the installation and materials make all the difference when it comes to the longevity of custom shower glass enclosures. 


Tile Tips: Prevent Water Leaks


Make sure your shower doesn’t leak and save the hassle of an expensive water mess by inspecting your tile before you have a glass shower enclosure installed.  Make sure your tile slopes into the shower on the bottom curb. Also, the ground around the curb should be sloping towards the drain. The tile must be installed plumb for the glass to be aligned. Feel free to call us for professional shower tile references or if you simply want us to check your tile job.


Door Hinges - Key To A Long Lasting Shower Door


We recommend matching your shower door hinges with the hardware color of your faucets, showerheads, and towel bars. Additional metal clips, used to connect separate glass panels, are made to match the style of hinges chosen for your door. Hinges either have square or rounded corners. Scroll through the pictures to the left to see various styles. The most critical thing to understand about hinges, is they must  be built to hold the weight of the door, and the better quality, the less likelihood for repairs or adjustments down the road.


The most basic (1st style) are made for smaller doors and self-center, meaning if the door is moved an inch or two in either direction, it will automatically return to close in an exactly centered position. The upgraded (2nd style) is made with 2 built-in steel pins for holding heavier shower doors and also self-center. The 3rd style has all of the 1st/2nd style features plus is designed to hold the door more stiffly in any open position, as long as the door is opened greater than the typical self-centering 15 degree zone. 

How Is Tempered Glass Safer?

Every shower we install is made of tempered glass to help ensure safety. Look at the difference of how non-tempered glass (top) versus tempered glass (bottom) breaks. Notice the tempered glass breaks into smaller particles - much safer than jagged shards which can cut deeply.

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